Stresses working in HIV

Impact on Self
Stresses working in HIV
Interviewee: David Owen. Interviewer: Debra Hearne

David was an HIV Clinical Nurse Specialist in a small English town, he reflects on the stresses of working in HIV care.

“I think I was well supported. But of course, I, I’d live, I was, I’m single, I lived alone.  I would go home to an empty house, with a lot of these stresses. 

Not a 9 to 5 job

People would often phone me at home. So it wasn’t a nine till five, it was often working in the evenings.  I can remember going out on weekends as well, bank holidays, you know, it… If people needed you, you, you know, I was there really. 

A way of life

So it became, it became a way of life more than just a nine till five job. And, you know, with hindsight perhaps that wasn’t such a good thing.”