Multidisciplinary and partnership working

Eileen Nixon Models of care
Multidisciplinary and partnership working
Interviewee Eileen Nixon. Interviewer Wendy Rickard

Eileen, HIV Nurse Consultant, is speaking here about the core values of  models of care in HIV.

“I think it’s still the core of, of an HIV service, that there is a multidisciplinary approach, that involves the patient and the patient central to it.

It sets HIV apart

And, and I think that’s what sets HIV apart, and I think that that’s what, visiting doctors coming through see the difference in that culture, and comment on the multidisciplinary model, and the patient partnership model. And I think you either, you’re either drawn to that or you’re not. I wonder if it’s a bit like Marmite, for some people.

Patient power

I think a lot of us were motivated politically.  A lot of services, you know, were set up from non-NHS, with non-NHS funding; a lot of charity organisations were part of what kind of, drove the development of services. So, I think there is quite a lot of political motivation in there in terms of, you know, we will make this work somehow. We will use, you know, patient power and community power to make it work. “