Doctor-patient relationships

Nicky P on relationships
Doctor-patient relationships
Interviewee: Nicky Perry. Interviewer: Wendy Rickard

Nicky was an Enrolled Nurse on an HIV ward in London. Here she talks about how the evolving doctor-patient relationships impacted on the ward team.

“We were all learning together. So, I think for the doctors, it was a huge learning curve for them, because, they couldn’t fix it with a tablet, or treatment.  So, they had to learn from us, about how to talk to patients about end of life issues.

Different approach to patients

They had to adapt their approach, from not being the starchy consultant at the end of the bed. They had to learn to actually just, sit on patients’ beds and, talk to them, and say, ‘Sorry, we’re…  We’ve got no idea. You’re buggered. You’re going to die. How do you want that to happen?’ They were the conversations.

Brought the team together

And to hear medics have to have those conversations, was, yeah, again it, that’s what sort of pulled everybody together.”