Challenge of staff becoming patients

Jim K
The challenge of staff becoming patients
Interviewee:Jim Kykendall. Interviewer: Wendy Rickard

Jim, a psychotherapist in London, talks about the challenge of staff who become patients on the HIV ward.

“What was part of being so surreal, and making life more complicated, was that, the only time in my life ever,  that in actual fact, you really never, ever knew if the person who was in the bed was going to be a patient patient, or who was going to be a staff patient.

Unique to HIV

And so, that was quite, I think, a low level anxiety that the community held. So it wasn’t a lot of staff, but it was a constant drip drip. And that’s never been replicated in any other syndrome,  it was part of the issues which caused everything to become so confused and so boundaryless.”