The stories aren't there

Telling my story
The stories aren't there
Interviewee: Jane Anderson. Interviewer: Debra Hearne

Jane Anderson is an HIV Consultant, here she talks about the gap in the story of HIV.

“There’s a narrative that is about the healthcare providers, and, the narrative has very properly up to now resided with those affected and with patients.  And, I don’t think that the stories and the, the difficulties that we went through, have yet been articulated in a way that’s important…

Our story yet to be told

And one of the things I’ve grappled with increasingly over the years is the term ‘community. When we talk about community members, community events, community activities, it always means patients, and I’ve always considered myself to be part of ‘the community’, and yet realising we are somehow, the stories aren’t, aren’t in there in that way.”