Why I took part in this project

Carol Pellowe taking part
Why I took part in this project
Interviewee Carol Pellowe Interviewer Fiona Clampin

Carol led the first HIV nursing course in England, she talks about the importance of this project for nursing today.

“I think we did quite a lot of crying.  And…  I think people got much better…  And that’s probably why we got a lot of laughing in too. I think we had to create that balance, of looking at the ludicrous side of things as well as, you know…

Lots of tears and lots of hugs

But, I think, yeah, it was just maintaining those communication things.  Lots of hugs.  It was a very huggy time, you know.  Gave hugs to everybody.  And I suppose you just wore your emotion on your sleeve a bit really.

Importance of remembering

But…  Yeah, I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.  And that’s why I’m glad somebody’s recording it, because, I don’t think nursing would ever have that time again, or realise the impact it had on nursing today.I think that’s, you know, I think that’s an important thing to capture.  And there were some very bright people in those days.”